Light Weight solution

Gypsum board is a lightweight board it requires low-cost transportation and storage. Two workers can easily handle most panels and cover large areas in very short periods. Gypsum board is easily finished using either a few hand tools or relatively modest machines. Gypsum ceiling workers can quickly learn most application techniques in a few hours. With the rising cost of transport and storage, gypsum board is an ideal solution for projects that would ordinarily accrue high storage costs, transport, and labor for lifting.

Gypsum boards respond to a growing demand for a product that weighs less but performs on par with traditional construction products. Gypsum boards are light and therefore easier to handle on a construction site. This means you can get the job done faster with less fatigue and fewer ceiling workers. If you are planning renovations for your office/home, replacing one board or a building completely new wall, you will benefit from the lightweight properties of gypsum boards.

Due to the product’s improved impact resistance, the lightweight boards are less subject to pre & post-installation wear and tear. Among other notable and beneficial attributes of drywall, boards are greater flexibility during handling and installation. This means the boards are less prone to breakage. There is also less wastage since leftover pieces from walls can be used on ceilings and vice versa.

Easy to install

Gypsum board accessories are easy to install for several reasons. Gypsum board panels are relatively large compared to other materials. They come in wide sheets and long lengths, so they quickly cover large wall and ceiling areas. Gypsum board ceiling workers require only a few tools for their construction. Gypsum board can be cut either a utility knife, (or) a variety of saws it can be attached with a variety of fasteners, including screws, nails, and staples. It can also be glued.

Gypsum board can be applied over wood/metal, framing/furring. It can be applied to masonry and concrete surfaces, either directly or to wood or metal furring strips. When applying gypsum board directly to masonry or concrete surfaces, always make sure to smooth or fill in any irregularities to ensure proper attachment of the board and an acceptable final finished surface.

As an alternative to a week-long plaster application, an entire house can be drywalled in one (or) two days by, two experienced drywallers and drywall is easy enough to use that it can be installed by many amateur homes carpenters. This saves time and money. In large-scale commercial construction, the work of installing and finishing drywall is often split between fitters and fasteners.

Fast and Cost Effective

Gypsum board is low-cost wall surfacing material that provides a beautiful finish. It is ideal for tight deadline projects. Gypsum ceiling boards in Zambia, systems can generally be installed at significantly lower labor costs than most alternate systems. Gypsum board satisfies a wide range of architectural requirements for design. Ease of application, performance, ease of repair, availability, and adaptability to all forms of decoration combine to make gypsum board unmatched by any other surfacing product.

Gypsum board construction is faster than concrete construction. With concrete, the time has to be allocated for the drying of walls. In addition, it is easy to tear down a gypsum ceiling boards partition and make a new one in a different location. Gypsum ceiling boards are also cheaper than concrete. Gypsum ceiling board structures are lighter than concrete.

Gypsum board satisfies a wide range of architectural design requirements. It is an inexpensive wall surfacing material offering a superb interior finish. Ease of application and repair, high performance, widespread availability, and decorative adaptability combine to make gypsum board an unmatched surfacing product.