Unifix! Tile Adhesive

Flooring is an essential component of any structure, as it gives beauty and charm to each room and, ultimately, your home. Tiles are the most often used flooring material since they are extremely resilient and inexpensive. Unifix tile adhesive is a unique sort of adhesive that is used to adhere tiles all over the house. A ready-made mixture of tile glue is available. Unifix tile adhesives are used to adhere tiles to walls, floors, swimming pools, and other surfaces that may be made of cement, wood, glass, or other materials. Changes in humidity or temperature do not affect tile adhesive, because it is a flexible material. Tile glue is used to keep tiles from crazing and

Agri Gypsum

Fertilizer-grade gypsum (Agri gypsum) is made from naturally occurring minerals. It's utilized for a range of agricultural purposes, including as a carrier for horticultural dressings, a mushroom composting element, a soil improver, and inland reclamation following seawater floods. Heavy clay soils can also be broken down with Agricultural Gypsum (Agri gypsum). Improving soil structure aids farmers in addressing several typical agricultural issues. Adding gypsum to the soil minimizes erosion by enhancing the soil's ability to absorb water after rain, resulting in less runoff.