Gypsum Board Accessories

United Gypsum Company is one of Zambia's main gypsum producers. This gypsum decoration & interior design company has a long-standing reputation for providing excellent interior design ideas/plans for home, restaurant, workplace, and showroom decorating. United Gypsum ceiling boards are well-known in Zambia for their kitchen cabinet decorating, gypsum false ceiling, and PVC false ceiling, in addition to their interior ceiling decoration. You will be pleased to learn that the company provides ceiling workers with extensive international expertise, as well as the best quality gypsum powder at a fair price for United Gypsum. If you do not believe us, you may check our quality and gypsum pricing in Zambia. We are a more popular and trustworthy firm in Zambia for interior house decoration.

Ceiling Solutions

We place a high value on the training of our technical engineers at United Gypsum in Zambia. They'll collaborate with you to install a ceiling system on even the most complicated construction projects. Our skilled ceiling workers and project engineers work on a wide range of projects, from stadiums to airports, museums, and more, and will assist you in selecting sustainable materials, designing flexible integration systems, and creating a ceiling topography that gives each space its personality.

Ceiling Quality

Our goal is to provide high-quality ceilings. All of our ceilings are meticulously designed, optimized, and constructed. All ceilings are subjected to a thorough safety inspection to verify that they are suitable for their intended use. Our ceiling installers have years of experience designing ceilings for some of the most renowned projects across the world.